Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where does Sophia go to the... ummmm... bathroom?

    She has been trained to use the 'head' like any other good dog.

  2. Where do you sail to?

    We have so many great places to go. We let the wind, waves and your preferences determine which is best for the day. We do NOT go to the overcrowded stops frequented by the "cattle boats". That is not what we are about.

  3. What should I bring?

    Keep it simple and light: towel, camera and sun screen (no spays or oils). If you prefer your own snorkel gear bring it, but we do provide very good gear on the boat. Additional cash for souvenir T-shirts, hats and optional gratuity.

  4. How do we get to you?

    We are an easy cab ride from the cruise ships and on island guests who are not driving. Those who wish to drive should contact us the night before your charter for the best parking advice. Details of our location are provided when you book with us.

  5. What forms of payment do you take?

    We love cash and traveler's checks on the day of your sail. Feel free to call on short notice if you want to check for availability, but remember it is best to book through Paypal to confirm your reservation online well ahead of the day of your sail.

  6. Do we need passports?

    No we don't sail to the B.V.I.

  7. What is the minimum number to book?

    We need four for the full day sail. If there are less then four we can put you on standby or you may check on our private charter prices. Please don't hesitate to contact us as we often have others waiting to book too. Half day sails are done only as private sails.

  8. What if I can't swim?

    That's O.K. But if you are terrified of the water this may not be the best thing for you to do.

  9. Is getting on and off the boat hard?

    Boarding the boat requires a dingy trip. Getting in and out of the dingy is like climbing stairs. Getting in and out of the water is like climbing a ladder. If you are fit you will have no problems. If you need special assistance let us know.

  10. How many people can you take?

    A maximum of (10) ten. Children and even infants count.

  11. Will my kids like this?

    Depends on the kids. Most do, but bear in mind this is more geared to adults.

  12. Do you take special requests?

    We try and usually find we can work around any reasonable requests. If you like special wines, liquor, etc. you are welcome to bring them along!

  13. What do you need to hold my reservation?

    We require at least a 20% deposit through PayPal prior to the day of your sail to confirm and hold a reservation.

  14. What if some of our party doesn't show?

    Wow this is hard! We try to work with you if you give us 48 hours advance notice, but understand we turn people down because you have booked the day. We commit to you and expect the same consideration. If I miss my Doctor's appointment without canceling they will charge me!